Tom Felton by Rachel

Old meme borrowed from Nicole...

Opening iTunes:

Total number of tracks: 1547

Sort by song title:
-First Song: ~be connected~ by Kalvary
-Last Song: = by heidi is the last song with info.

Sort by time:
-Shortest Song: /// by DragonWapppppper (7 seconds)
-Longest Song: Eternal by Brain Hacker (14:07)

Sort by album:
-First Song: Lunar Eclipse by Project Eden (album = ~望郷の地へ~VOL.1)
-Last Song: Love songs (acoustic) by Cinema Bizarre, but it has no album... Last one with an album is ドラマティックdancing★ by DragonWapppppper

Top 10 Most Played Songs: (Keep in mind that I had to start over back in May... so this in no way reflects my actual results.)
1. 慰みの空 by NoGod (listened to that and the instrumental - which comes in next - for a week solid. Just the two songs...) 82 plays
2. 君がくれた幸せと君に捧ぐ涙 by Nogod 64 plays
3. 死ぬこと by 東京ミカエル 55 plays
4. ハピネス by 東京ミカエル 53 plays (OK, now I'm going to skip all the other songs off of LOVE, because they go through number 13 of my top played... listened to the album for about a week...)
5. ハッピーエンド by 東京ミカエル 44 plays
6. hindrance elimination by カル・ヴァリ 43 plays
7. 大好キッス by 東京ミカエル 36 plays
8. Queen's chessman by カル・ヴァリ 32 plays
9. 瓦斯室と焼却炉 by カル・ヴァリ 32 plays
10. 星に願いを by 東京ミカエル 31 plays (also at 31 was ハピネス, from the single, rather than the album...)

First five songs that comes up on Shuffle:
1. 星に願いを by 東京ミカエル
2. 瞳を閉じて見る夢 by メロ
3. カレンジェラの薫 by カル・ヴァリ
4. 碧イ鳥 by マルサ
5. uncontrol by ClearVeil

Search ....
"sex", how many songs come up?: 2 (I'm guessing the exact same 2 as Nicole)
"love", how many songs come up?: 40 (12 more when you add in 愛)
"you", how many songs come up?: 22 (24 more when you add in 君)
"hate", how many songs come up? 0 ( 0 more when you add in 嫌い)
"wish" how many songs come up? 5 (7 more when you add in 願 and 希望) Er... kinda iffy, since 6 of those are キボウ屋本舗 songs off an album with 希望 in the title.
Tom Felton by Rachel

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Ugh. I'm having such a hard time deciding what to do about my teeth. It's been recommended to me that I crown the 3 front teeth that have had root canals, but I've been pussy-footing around it since they are structurally holding up alright. Lately, though, the color has been bothering me. Looking back at old photos, I realized that my teeth have never been particularly light, and that's probably half genetics. Now, my teeth are disturbingly yellow. Just look at the picture I took with Tom Felton!

I'm on the verge of choosing the crowns for the two teeth I'm in the process of doing at the moment (the two behind the canine...premolars?) I don't want to pay so much money to match the crowns to teeth that I hate the color of. Add on top of that the fact that I might be doing some front teeth soon, too, and it's gotten me thinking about whitening. If I could get the bottom front teeth and the one (somewhat) healthy top tooth to a nice whiter color, then I would happily match them to that.

As for what to do about crowning the front teeth... I *want* to do metal bond or ceramic crowns, that won't go turning yellow on me in a year, but I can't afford them. Even with the cheap dentist that I go to now, that would be about $3000 (252,000yen) for the 3 teeth. I certainly can't do that. Another option I was given, but wasn't strongly recommended, was veneers to change the color of the dead teeth. They would only cost half that. The plastic crowns that you can get on insurance only cost about $50 each.

Here's my problem: Veneers would look a lot more natural than the plastic crowns I could get cheaply with insurance, and they can be changed for a crown at some later date if necessary. If not, I could go 10 years or more with the veneers having no problems. The plastic crown could only be replaced by another crown, and it would be expensive to do so. If I don't replace it, it'll start changing color within a year. Seeing as it's plastic in the first place, it wouldn't look completely natural either. No color variation from top to bottom, no transparency... and a bad habit of getting a gray line around the gums. Don't want that. Especially on a front tooth. I could live with it on a molar.

I suppose I *could* get plastic crowns, and start saving immediately for ceramic ones? But veneers would be cheaper overall, as long as the dentist thinks my teeth can handle them. I need to do a consultation, but they're always so busy...

In any case, I want to ask about whitening. The 3 dead teeth won't benefit from it much, but they can be veneered or crowned to match the natural teeth. I'm certainly not wanting to pay for veneers on all of them just to get them whiter, like some people do, but I also don't want to shell out any more money on yellow crowns.

Tom Felton by Rachel

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I wish that the background for my friends page didn't keep disappearing. It makes it impossible to read anything other than titles of the posts. I don't know what the issue is, since it seems to work on the computer at school even when it doesn't at home.
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Tom Felton by Rachel

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I am so incredibly jealous of this girl's looks! I realize that she probably looks quite different out of makeup and without her hair styled, but still! Why does everyone in Sweden look like a model?
Tom Felton by Rachel

Aw man!

I was needing new contacts, and looking around. I ended up ordering 1 box of disposable acuvue lenses. I decided to get the ones with a gray outer ring, and some golden highlights, to try them out...

I totally ordered the wrong color, and didn't notice until I got them in the mail today... They have *brown* rings.

I tried on a set anyway, and they look so odd! And the right one just will not stick to my eye. Every time I move my eye or blink, the contact slides around. Twice already, it's slid up on top of my eye. The left eye is fine... It's weird, because the lenses are soooo thin.

If this right eye figures itself out, I might go about actually ordering the color I wanted... Poo. I wanted to wear them to Dacco tomorrow!
Tom Felton by Rachel


The album will be entitled「CRUSH! -90′s V-Rock best hit cover songs-」. It will go on sale on January 26th for 3000 yen. The tracklist is going to be as follows:

・12012 – Winter, again || GLAY
・アンド (AND) – ロマンス (Romance) || PENICILLIN
・ドレミ團 (Doremidan) – 街 (Machi) || SOPHIA
・摩天楼オペラ (Matenrou Opera) – 紅 (Kurenai) || X JAPAN
・少女-ロリヰタ-23区 (Lolita 23q) – STORM || LUNA SEA
・BugLug – Melty Love || SHAZNA
・D – 月下の夜想曲 (Gekka no Yasoukyoku)|| MALICE MIZER
・DaizyStripper – With-you || La’cryma Christi
・DOG inTheパラレルワールドオーケストラ (DOG in The PWO) – 夢より素敵な (Yume yori Suteki na) || Raphael
・heidi. – ピンク スパイダー (Pink Spider) || hide with Spread Beaver
・Mix Speaker’s, Inc. – S.O.Sロマンティック (S.O.S Romantic) || CASCADE
・MERRY – Schweinの椅子 (Schwein no Isu) || DIR EN GREY
・NoGoD – 1/3の純情な感情 (1/3 no Junjou na Kanjou) || SIAM SHADE

I'm looking forward to the NoGod track! And many of the others sound like they could be pretty good too.